How each Boho Wrap is made...

Sailor Studio Boho Wraps are made from copper that is cut, stamped, and shaped by hand. Then, it is layered with enamels (powdered glass) and fired at 1500 degrees until the glass fuses to the metal. Next it is cleaned, polished, and placed on a beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbon. Accent beads are added to every wrap.

Ribbon measures between 38"- 42" so it can be wrapped several times and knotted. Ends can be tied in a knot and tucked under. So many ways to wear; have fun with it! (Instruction card will also be sent with each order).

*All silk ribbons are hand-dyed in batches so there will be slight variances in color tones/placement. Different computer monitors can also make them look lighter/darker than natural light. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

* PLEASE NOTE * Our pieces are handcrafted start to finish; each letter is hand-stamped individually and the copper is hand cut and shaped, then layered with powdered glass. We try our best to make each wrap bracelet as close to the original as possible, but please expect some variances in your unique piece of jewelry.


All Sailor BOHO wraps come on card and are placed in our signature, reusable muslin bag, perfect for gift-giving!


We usually run around 5-7 days before shipment on most orders, sometimes more depending on holidays. Please check ship times and contact us with any questions.


After we ship, international orders can take anywhere from 7 days up to 4-5 weeks in rare cases. 8-12 days ship time is average. Please plan for this when ordering.

You are responsible for any taxes/customs/VAT/ fees associated with your purchase. These can be substantial and our shipping costs do NOT cover these charges. Please check your country's importing policies before purchasing.


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